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I Don’t Get It is a comic series published every Sunday where the comics are broken down and explained, so everyone can get it.


I Don’t Get It August 30, 2020

Dark Humor is often used to make light of difficult topics like death or disease. Sometimes it is used to provoke thought.

Here, Saint Peter, the keeper of Heaven’s Gate, has balloons and is looking to greet people but Heaven appears to be empty and there is no line. Saint Peter expectantly asks the Grim Reaper if he should hope for anyone today.

This is a cartoon to cause thought. We all like to think of our loved ones as in Heaven or going to Heaven but we are often overly critical of ourselves thinking we couldn’t find a spot there ourselves. This leads to the question, who is in Heaven?

Perhaps we, should walk away from this a little less self critical and give Old Peter a chance to hand out some of those balloons.

I Don’t Get It

August 31, 2020

The Truth Hurts

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27.September. 2020

Special Edition Video

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