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News, entertainment and community posts

Comic Notes

Cartoons and comics updated and fully explained for context, projection and take away.

Getting Through Life By Ella Mayo

I Really Do Miss the Rains in Africa


I spent some time in a Masai village meeting with the residents and learning about their culture and traditions.

The birth place of human civilization is credited to Olduvai Gorge.


Safari animals of all kinds from the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Basin and more.


Breath taking sites and experiences happened every moment; I could not capture them all.


Short stories, poems and writings of community members, Song of the Week, Television Recomendations


  • Internet Smart: What is a cookie and how are they used?
    Internet Safety briefing on internet cookies and how to disable. This is a great educational article for kids and anyone expanding their use on the internet and for Internet Safety Programs.
  • Relive- Calypso in the Afterlife: Beetlejuice Brought New Life to the Music of Harry Belafonte
    A review on the affect of the movie Beetlejuice on Harry Belafonte and Calypso music
  • The Flame of Truth Burning Across the USA
    Many people who have run for the office of US President have felt slighted by the process, but only one denied it and called for an insurgency to impose a Coup d’├ętat. These are warning signs that many Americans are ignoring for what ever reason comforts them. This political cartoon illustrates the status the US is left in post 2020 and the potential outcome if we do not heed the warnings coming now that are so similar to the dangers of the past. Aside from the political cartoon’s warning message, examples from 3 past leaders issuing their concession speeches after contested or bitter elections. The examples come from John McCain, Al Gore and Richard Nixon.

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