Jokes, Riddles and Puns

Hello! There are a few of my favorite jokes and riddles down below. If it is a riddle, I want to give you the chance to guess too. The question is listed just above the answer, but the answer is black text on a black background. The answer becomes visible if you use your curser to highlight the black lit text.

As always, have fun!! – Ella Mayo

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino?

el-if-I-no (know)

(See answer above by highlighting the black bar with your curser.)

How much room does fungi need to grow?

Anything is adequate but as mushroom as possible.

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Why is it hard to keep secrets on a farm?

Potatoes keep watch with their eyes and the corn listens in with their ears.

Knock Knock Who’s there?

Dave Dave who?

It’s me Dave! Dave’s not here now.

It is what the poorest of the poor have most and what the richest need not, yet one can collect it for all of their days. If one should eat it, they will wither and die. What is it?


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Why do balloons cost so much?


It’s elemental

I enjoy puns about the elements, periodically.

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