What I am

My body is a gift provided to me from the creator.  It belongs to the creator but it is my vessel and the only thing that I can take with me on my journey.  It is my responsibility to preserve it and provide for it as I see fit with the understanding that it is the only physical gift I will received.  It will not be replaced.  I must return it when I am done.  I need it to last my entire journey.  With that understood, I may do with it whatever I choose.  When it is returned, it may be any size or shape and it may be in any condition.  The creator has created many other objects and beings that I may discover and/or interact with.  I may take from the earth and the creator with the promise to return everything I process.  We all come from the creator and we all return back to creation in our end.  There is no guarantee of longevity despite care and attention to my vessel.

My spirit will not forever be chained or bound or contained.  There is no forever; there is only now and always.

The power of my spirit must be demonstrated with the physical tools of this world and the observational and practical skills afforded to me.  These words are my demonstration of my power.  I must determine how to use my body and mind to impact existence.  If I want my thoughts or ideas to exist beyond my presence, I must express and preserve them in some other temporary physical form and determine how long it may be relevant and what tools I use to create and record them.

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