The Flame of Truth Burning Across the USA

Donald J. Trump will stop at nothing to have as much power and control as possible. He does not want a free America and will take down everything he has to to get to the top, even if it just makes him King of the Ashes and Ruins.

During his tenure as Presidency, most actions he took were more harmful than beneficial. There were a few decisions in his presidency that did help average people or the greater market, like The Right to Try, which grants terminally ill patients the right to try unproven medical treatments rather than just having to succumb without hope to what they are battling, consumers were granted the ability to shop around for insurance with prices given and hemp was legalized for commercial purposes and growing in the US. Those 3 accomplishments don’t undo the damage of inviting his supporters to raid the Capitol to fight any or all other law makers, up to assassination of the Vice President, while he remained in safety. Additionally, very late that day, Trump gave a reluctant speech condoning the activities, too cowardly to admit what he encouraged, planned and attempted, yet now is offering pardons to those rioters he condemned on January 6, 2021 for when he becomes reelected president. Even if all of his actions and decisions up to that point were defensible, perhaps glorious for some, those actions taken on and preceeding to January 6, 2021, are indefensible as they stripped away law and took power away from the public. Furthermore, Donald Trump continues to deny the results of the election, nearing 2 years after the event. This is like trying to revive a corpse: even if it happens, the results will not be good for anyone. In 2000, Al Gore lost the election, not by actual count but by Supreme Court decision.

Another example of a speech that reflects the goals of a unified America from a politician with true spirit to care about the citizens of the US was John McCain in 2008.

Going back to 1960, John Fitzgerald Kennedy campaigned against then Vice President Richard Milhouse Nixon who truly expected to win. Richard Nixon would eventually rise to the office of President, only to resign mired in controversy. Yet, even he, in his darkness, wanted to bring the country together and allow the country to move forward so that his day could come.

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