I Don’t Get It

September 13, 2020

Kids Can Say the Darnedest Things

Well, if you couldn’t hear the heavy sigh through the picture, this was a true story. This was at least the third chocolate hazelnut spread jar that we hid in that hiding spot. It was great; it had a good run.

Where was it? Hiding in plain sight, of course. It was in the kitchen cupboard next to the stove, where we keep boxes of macaroni and cheese, baking mixes, flour and what not. You know, where everyone goes. Ya see, the kids really stick to their section, even if they are looking for something. They will ask for help before they actually take stuff out and hunt. So, the left side had the oil and handy stuff, the right side had pancake mix, etc. I put it on the right side, behind the pancake mix, behind the falafel mix with both boxes turned so that their broad face was facing the front of the cupboard rather than sideways like we normally do to conserve space.

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