Native Youth Design Book

Last year was a difficult year for all of us to get our feet back on the ground and going the directions we need to go. This was especially true for the kids in school, who were struggling for their second year of disconnection from their social structure. Seattle’s Eastside has a strong group of students that are more resilient than they credit themselves with. These students share a common bond of Native heritage and ancestry and typically meet during the school year’s months once each week, Dedication can be fierce. The group, ENAEP- Eastside Native Education Program, is the promise of Title 6 to provide public education regarding Native Aboriginal history, and the fruit of a dedicated educator, Mary Wilber, provided to children and their families regarding Native history, mythology, science, technology, culture and anything else she can enrich young minds with. As part of the group, I partnered with Mary for 2020-21 school year to help the students build a book of their history and present. I hope you enjoy the wonderful pieces that they brought for us to put together. Their passion is visible.

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