Mr. Denzel Washington has Been the Type to Step Up for Those Who Deserve it

I recently listened to Mr. Washington speak at a graduation that had happened some time in the past when we still gathered for such things. He said something that resonated deeply with me. He was telling graduates to be thankful for their gifts and he listed several wonderful experiences or opportunities probably afforded many of the graduates, but he also said, “Even if that gift is the gift of long suffering.”

I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. We recently referenced a great statement issued by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in our cartoon “A Plea for Peace“, this is that “If not for the darkness, we would not see the stars.” This is a tricky concept for many to grasp and realization is even more challenging. Every experience is a building block in our path, monument or personal journey. It is a part of us to embrace. The hurt, the wrong, the pain, for purpose? What can you gain from it or what can you teach others from your tales of misery?

While hiding his own cancer symptoms, Boseman, visited ill children in the hospital.

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