NYTimes: Trump Is Pressed on White House Outbreak as Dueling Town Halls Begin

Trump Is Pressed on White House Outbreak as Dueling Town Halls Begin

Trump just sent this email out:

TONIGHT, I should’ve been debating (and beating) Joe Biden for the second time at a Presidential Debate. But, the Liberal Biased Debate Commission CANCELED the debate. They wanted to keep me from exposing the TRUTH to the American People.

So instead, I’m holding a Presidential Town Hall at 8 PM ET. I am a President of the PEOPLE, not the special interest groups or the DC swamp.

I knew I needed to talk DIRECTLY to YOU, which is why tonight is so important. The Left is trying to SILENCE us. They’ll never succeed, but before I go on TV in front of the entire world, I need to know that you’re still in this fight with me.

I’ve asked my team to hand me an updated list of donors who choose to step up at this critical time, and I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see your name on there.

I’m going to review the Donor List right before the Town Hall starts, and I want to see that YOU gave $5 to show your dedicated support.

You’ve always been one of my TOP supporters, so I’ve unlocked an 800%-MATCH on your next donation if you step up in the NEXT HOUR.
Please contribute $5 RIGHT NOW to stand with me and your gift will be 800%-MATCHED. >>

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