Peaky Folking Blinders

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The War has just ended. The people had never been involved in a World War before. The men fought, all of them, from everywhere. The ones who returned home, were not the same young men who left.

This is a new world with pressing social demands for Communism, extreme violence, death happens as a part of life (everyone understands). The Peaky Blinders were a real urban street gang in Birmingham, England from approximately 1890-1920. This show is entertaining. It is not a documentary. While some things are true (like the horse race scene from season 1), the timeline is off, shifted and rearranged.

Tommy Shelby was not a real man, but that won’t stop you from falling for him. This is not a show for children. There is a lot of sex, violence and gore (think GOT, once things start up). The stories are interesting, the wardrobes are fantastic, the assortment of historically accurate products is outstanding. There are also nice cars; the engine needs turn.

If you find holes in the plot, look for Tommy to fill them with bodies.

There are currently 5 seasons available, but they have been signed on for 2 more.

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