Internet Safety: How to Delete a File Uploaded or Sent Through Internet

The internet is a collection of permanent records. In short, you can’t delete anything. First, if you posted it or sent it anywhere, it could be saved as a file or screenshot on innumerable devices, even if this was an e-mail to mom. Next, when you delete your record, you are only deleting that file path. So, you tell mom to delete it right away. You should be safe, right? Not really, your picture didn’t just go to mom.

To start, you hit send and your file goes to a router hub, where it is released but a shadow copy can remain for MONTHS. Next, it gets to the server, where the images or files are stored until deleted. If deleted from the server, the information becomes less accessible but is also still held there for a few days. Servers are typically much more secure than a router hub is, but there is still a risk. After that, you need to consider what websites it may have been available on because each one of those, potentially, also has your image, even if it was deleted from the server.

Once you hit

or anything similar, you are committed and your information lasts as long as the internet does.

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